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How I treated hair loss in 56days

I’m a young 23 year old male who has been plagued by hair loss from an early age. By 19, I was pretty aware that my hairline was receding quickly. I went to a dermatologist and was proscribed propecia. After reading side effects online, I was too scared to use the drug.

Fast forward to about 2 years ago. I saw a hair loss doctor and was set on getting a hair transplant. I am very glad I did not, as I saw a run of the mill– we want your money type doc. I think I even posted some questions here before a few years back, but couldn’t find my old username.

About two months ago I was sick of not doing anything. I was sick of the fact that in about a year I had gone from thinning to almost completely bald in the front and my vertex was severely progressing. I wanted to recoup as much hair as possible. I read many non medical solutions and started there.

After a week or two of those methods, I decided to take the plunge and get dutasteride. I first started out with a script from my doctor on Advodart, and by my last fill, the script had a generic on the market (dutasteride) by TEVA. My monthly copay went from $48 to $8 which I was very happy about. I purchased a 6month supply of Kirkland brand Minoxidil from Costco (manufactured by the same company as rogaine). I did this for a few weeks, when I ready about Nizoral. I purchased the OTC version. Last time at the Doctor, I asked for script for the 2% and I was able to get that with only a $4 copay (yay! cheap and stronger nizoral).

What you are going to see is a very dramatic change. The changes shown are after only 56 days of treatment, nizoral was about 2-3 weeks after Rogaine and dutasteride. I have a derma-roller and have used it about 5-6 times. I just use it once on the weekends, and still apply minoxidil after. I am so ecstatic, I am probably going to start a blog outlining my progress. I have about 150 pictures so far outlining the progress.

Keep in mind the starting pictures were taken with a front facing camera, which is why they were grainy. I quickly realized the best method of pics, which you will see in all future photos.

Side Effects:I did start getting dandruff from Minoxidil, but the nizoral resolves that. I also use about a 3 month supple in a 2 month window. (more than suggested). I am taking one .5mg of Dutasteride each day. For the first two to three weeks I noticed some ball ache (like light blueballs, mild headache in the balls). This has since disappeared. I haven’t noticed any sexual side effects, I can still perform 3+ times daily. I realistically do not get any acne anymore. Each month I used to get a few zits, but I don’t get anything now. I may have had 1 zit in the past 2 months and it was a sweat zit at the hat line. This was awesome for me!!

Some people note less body hair. I haven’t really noticed that, but I can say my beard appears to be growing in more full than before.

My suggestion to any young man like myself: do not let this take over your life. My biggest regret was not starting a treatment sooner. I hope to get back most of what I lost, but the earlier you start, the better your chances!! Do not make the mistake of giving up or let the overly negative hair loss community sway you into believing there is nothing you can do.. because you can! Here is proof! The black spot is a identifying tattoo covered.




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