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Case study: Hair thinning regrowth in less than 2 months

Hi. I’m a 27 year old female. I started noticing my hair thinning from my early 20’s but i was always able to hide it.

It got worse around 25/26 And I decided to take action. I went to my GP, they done loads of tests, everything came back fine, my weight is normal, I’m healthy, and have a reasonably okay diet (maybe too many Indian takeaways though!) After everything was exhausted I took to the internet and discovered ‘Regain’

Regain (or Rogaine i think it’s called in the US) for woman’s hair loss, It’s contains 2.5% of minoxidil. (I think the men’s version contains 5%). Just like Provillus which is FDA approved.

Anyway I have been using the product since late October and although I haven’t been using it long I can see some really great results That I thought I’d share with everyone.

If you are a woman experiencing hair loss I totally sympathise with you, as it left me in tears for nights on end. I only told a select few people and even then they couldn’t relate so I felt I had no one. I hated going to the hairdressers, I could leave the house without applying hair fibers. It was awful.

Hair thinning
Anyway here are my results. The worse photos were taken 17/11/2017 and the ones where my hair looks fuller were taken today 05/01/2018.

I would advise any woman experiencing hair loss to try this product.


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